Huntington High School senior James Brown

Senior James Brown Makes Memories at HHS

Huntington High School senior James Brown

January 15, 2019

James Brown is going through each day with the same enthusiasm he always has at Huntington High School. Although he’s a senior, the teenager shows no signs of kicking back and switching to cruise control. He’s taking advantage of every last minute he has in the building and seeking out new opportunities.

Mr. Brown played tennis as a freshman and sophomore and he intends to resume his career on the court this spring. He enjoys staying active and participating in a variety of activities, including community service pursuits.

He assists the Bay Hills Beach Association with its seasonal beach opening each year as well as pitching in to help with the organization’s annual closing. He’s also active in the group’s projects throughout the spring and summer.

Like any teenager, Mr. Brown has his favorite courses and personal interests. Among his most fulfilling classes are US History and Career Exploration. He’s learning a lot in both.

Mr. Brown started his trek through the Huntington School District as a kindergartener at Flower Hill Primary School. He has enjoyed a variety of experiences in classrooms and schools along the way and met a diverse group of teachers and classmates.

The senior’s closest friends include Nick Lehman, Maikol Arreaga and Rashiem Sexton. He gets along well with everyone.

Mr. Brown’s favorite teachers include Timothy Witt, Kelly Trites, Dr. Erica Murphy-Jessen, Patricia Klee and Michael Marinello.

“James is a hardworking student who really enjoys Huntington High School,” Ms. Trites said. “He is always respectful and kind to classmates. James willingly participates in volunteer work in the community and has been exploring post high school career options. His teachers love having him in class because he’s always respectful and cooperative always tries to apply what he’s learned.”

The teenager’s plans for post-graduation have not yet come into clear focus, but he is giving them some thought. He is interested in doing something with his love of tennis and also his talents in gaming development.

“The teachers and friends I have made will always be part of my memories,” Mr. Brown said.