Huntington High School junior Lauren LoScalzo.

Junior Lauren LoScalzo Embraces New Opportunities

Huntington High School junior Lauren LoScalzo.

January 23, 2019

Lauren LoScalzo finds life exciting. The Huntington High School junior welcomes new experiences and she has seized upon a variety of opportunities over the past three years while seeking to determine where her career interests lie.

The teenager began her journey through Huntington UFSD in a kindergarten classroom at Jefferson Primary School. Since then Ms. LoScalzo has excelled in art and sports and in her academic studies. She is on the Huntington High School Honor Roll.

Ms. LoScalzo’s closest friends include Sophia Severine, Mia Redick, Mackenzie Eccles, Carmine DeIso and her girls’ varsity field hockey squad teammates.

The teenager is always ready to pursue some new adventure. Ms. LoScalzo vacationed in Miami during the winter break. She enjoys traveling and hopes to do more of it.

Among the junior’s favorite teachers are Jane Judson, Victoria Lombardi, Danielle Lusardi and Michael Schwendemann.

“Lauren’s constant smile and friendly demeanor can warm your heart on the coldest day,” said Mr. Schwendemann, a high school English teacher. “As a student, she was always ready to work. There with an answer when no one else was brave enough to take the risk. I wish I had a classroom filled with Lauren’s!”

The junior is interested in pursuing a college academic major in psychology and ultimately embarking upon a career in real estate.

“Lauren is a sweet, caring, and smart girl who excelled in my chemistry class,” Mrs. Lusardi said. “Her bright personality permeated through the classroom and her pride in the subject made me happy to be her teacher. Lauren is a highly capable student and has a very bright future ahead of her.”

Ms. LoScalzo participates in the Young Leaders youth development program. She is also a member of Huntington’s Art Honor Society and she plays on the Blue Devil varsity field hockey team. “I also do a lot of babysitting,” she said.

The teenager learns something new every day. New experiences, new faces in her life and new challenges are all welcomed by Ms. LoScalzo.

“Coming into high school I was very quiet and to myself, but by the teachers being so welcoming and by meeting a bunch of new friends and becoming closer to old ones, high school helped me become a lot more social and open to new things,” Ms. LoScalzo said.

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