Huntington High School senior Oscar Bonilla

Oscar Bonilla’s Phenomenal Huntington Experience

Huntington High School senior Oscar Bonilla

January 29, 2019

Oscar Bonilla is a really interesting fellow. The Huntington High School senior has a broad range of interests and he’s capable of discussing a seemingly endless variety of topics. He’s creative and imaginative and very hardworking.

Mr. Bonilla attended kindergarten at Jefferson Primary School. He’s always been a standout in every classroom he’s stepped into during his trek through Huntington UFSD.

The teenager’s academic schedule includes classes in Advanced Placement 2D Studio Art, Physics, Economics, African-American Politics, Humanities, Bible Literature, Engineering Design and Pre-Calculus.

A personable young man by any measure, Mr. Bonilla is relaxed as he makes his way around the high school building. He knows just about everyone and he’s popular with his classmates. He’s good natured and his personality is naturally positive. He has a sunny disposition.

Mr. Bonilla leads a very active life. A member of the high school’s Spanish Honor Society, he also participates in the Key Club and volunteers with Habitat for Humanity. He’s even donned the uniform of the Blue Devil varsity football team.

“Outside of school, I work at the Huntington Public Library and I am also involved in some programs at St. Hugh’s Church in Huntington Station,” Mr. Bonilla said.

The teenager has done some traveling, too, visiting family in Maryland and North Carolina. He enjoyed the break from his usual routine. Mr. Bonilla is always looking to grow intellectually and he usually finds a way to do just that during his daily routine.

The senior’s closest friends include Jason Chapas, Ian Ardell, Jack Fuerst and Cándido Martinez. His wider circle of friends of acquaintances can rival that of anyone in the Class of 2019.

Mr. Bonilla’s favorite teachers include Michael Schwendemann, Edward Florea, Kenneth Donovan and David Moriarty. But he really gets along quite well with every faculty member and he has learned something in every class he’s ever taken.

Mr. Bonilla is interested in studying electrical engineering at either the University at Buffalo or Stony Brook University. He seems very well positioned for college level success.

“Overall, my experience in Huntington has been phenomenal,” Mr. Bonilla said. “I have met new people and teachers that care about their student’s performance and well-being in school. It is a great community to meet new friends and a great atmosphere to do whatever hobby and/or passion. Huntington will always hold a place in my heart.”

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