Huntington junior Casey Coleman.

Junior Casey Coleman Wins Friends & Influences People

Huntington junior Casey Coleman.

January 30, 2019

Self-help guru Dale Carnegie once wrote a bestselling book titled “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Huntington High School junior Casey Coleman never read the volume, but he’s been winning over everyone just by being himself.

Mr. Coleman has been capturing the hearts of classmates and teachers since his first day of kindergarten at Washington Primary School. He’s an easygoing, under-the-radar type of teenager who has a great sense of humor.

The junior’s academic schedule includes classes in Advanced Placement Biology, AP Seminar, Spanish IV Honors, Pre-Calculus AB Honors, Regents US History and Senior Band.

Among Mr. Coleman’s closest friends are Justin Stevens, Julien Rentsch, Nathan Soric, Patrick Sclafani, Chris Weber, Anna Wickey, Maddy Meidenman, Riva Bergman and Beanna Cumella.

“Casey is truly the nicest and funniest person,” Ms. Bergman said. “He always makes me and my friends laugh and I’m beyond grateful to have him as a best friend.”

The teenager’s favorite teachers include Michael Schwendemann, Joann Ferazi, Lorena Hickey and Dianna Cazzalino.

“Casey is one of my best friends,” Mr. Rentsch said. “He’s someone who is always fun to be around and he makes the best of most situations. He’s just an overall good kid.”

Mr. Coleman plays trumpet in the high school band. He performed in the pep band at varsity football games last fall. He’s a member of Huntington’s Habitat for Humanity club chapter and he coaches a youth basketball team in the St. Hugh’s Church CYO program.

“Casey’s a great friend who will always help you out with anything,” Mr. Sclafani said. “He is easy to talk to and fun to hang out with.”

It will be some time before Mr. Coleman’s college plans come into clear focus, but he has been giving his future plenty of thought. “I’ve always had an interest in physical therapy and I’m planning on getting an education in that career in college,” he said. “I am taking the opportunity of participating in the internship program next year as a senior. I will be working with a physical therapist to gain more knowledge as I prepare for college.”

All of Mr. Coleman’s friends have a high opinion of the teenager. “Casey is the most kindhearted, trustworthy and genuine person I know,” Ms. Wickey said. “He possesses so many great qualities that just calling him ‘nice’ would be an understatement. Casey makes a bigger impact on people than he realizes. I’m extremely lucky to have him as a friend.”

Mr. Coleman is the type of person who will always be found doing the right thing. He’s well-liked by members of Huntington’s junior class and by all of his teachers.

“My overall experience at Huntington has been great,” Mr. Coleman said. “Starting off at Washington Primary, I met some friends that I still have today and some of the best teachers that I will ever know. My years at the high school have been an amazing experience for me because I have met so many amazing teachers and have made new friendships along the way. The high school has also given me many opportunities, such as getting involved in Relay For Life and playing in the band at the football games.” 

Brothers Casey and Dylan Coleman at Washington Primary School
Brothers Casey and Dylan Coleman at Washington Primary School
Brothers Casey and Dylan Coleman at Washington Primary School
Brothers Casey and Dylan Coleman at Washington Primary School