Isabella Cahill (left) has starred in many drama club productions. (Darin Reed photo

H-ton Senior Isabella Cahill Chooses UMass Amherst

Isabella Cahill (left) has starred in many drama club productions. (Darin Reed photo)

March 7, 2019

Isabella Cahill is one of Huntington High School’s best. The senior is headed to the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the fall to study psychology. In the meantime, she is making every day count as she heads to the finish line after a great run.

Ms. Cahill came to Huntington UFSD from Mattituck as a sixth grader. She quickly adapted to her new surroundings and fell in with a great circle of friends.

Huntington High School senior Isabella Cahill.
Huntington High School senior Isabella Cahill.

The teenager’s academic schedule includes Advanced Placement Government and Politics, AP Environmental Science, Calculus, Mystery Literature and Chamber Choir.

Ms. Cahill is interning with social studies teacher Peter Crugnale in an AP Psychology class. President of Huntington High School’s drama club, she is a member of the school’s choir and Tri-M Music Honor Society. She is also working with March for Our Lives Long Island outside of school.

A member of the high school’s Honor Roll, the senior said her favorite teachers have been Michael Schwendemann, Victoria Lombardi, Stacey Byrnes, Joann Ferazi and Mr. Crugnale.

Ms. Cahill’s closest friends are Natalie McCann, Katherine DeGennaro, Sara Frawley, Christiana DeLuca, Noah Morris and Mia Nitekamn.

“Isabella is a super passionate individual who has a special tendency to help those around her,” Ms. DeGennaro said. “She has been such an amazing friend to me and many others and has a contagious laugh and smile. Isabella also offers intelligence and poise in all areas of her life, which makes her even more likable. I’m so excited for her to start college at UMass and I know that major success is in her future.”

Ms. Cahill and her friends are a very tightknit group. “Isabella is the most kind, empathetic and compassionate person I’ve ever met,” Ms. McCann said. “She’s also extremely talented in music and theater; she really shines whenever she performs. She’s the best friend someone could ask for and is really going to thrive in the field of psychology because of her willingness and passion to help others.”

While Ms. Cahill hasn’t traveled extensively, she is interested in studying abroad during college, possibly in her sophomore year.

“Isabella has been one of my closest friends for years,” Ms. Nitekman said. “I am so privileged to have been able to see her grow and become such an amazing human being, as she was when I first met her. She is one of the most empathetic, clever and energizing spirits I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I aspire to be like her.”

All of her friends expect Ms. Cahill to thrive at UMass Amherst and beyond. “I am so glad to have gotten closer to Isabella this year,” Ms. DeLuca said. “She is truly an amazing person, inside and out and I know that she will go on to continuously better the lives of everyone around her, just as she has done at Huntington.”

Loyal to the core, Ms. Cahill and her friends always have each other’s backs. “Isabella is a great friend and person,” Ms. Frawley said. “She is always kind and spreads happiness to those around her. The University of Massachusetts Amherst is lucky to have her and I can’t wait to see what she will do in the future.”

The teenager has starred in many high school drama club productions and will again next month when she plays the role of Dorothy in the musical, “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” which is in rehearsals now. “I’m very excited,” said Ms. Cahill about the production.

The senior has some advice for next year’s incoming freshman class. “I would say make the most out of the four years you have,” Ms. Cahill said. “It goes by extremely quickly and if you take as many classes and join as many clubs as you want to, you will definitely meet so many great people and teachers who will encourage you to do your best and make it so worth it.”

Looking ahead to college and possible careers, Ms. Cahill has a plan in place. “I want to focus on clinical psychology and plan on getting my masters or PsyD,” she said. “With that, I’ll probably become a licensed mental health counselor and would love to have my own therapy practice for children and teens one day.”

Before finalizing her college plans, Ms. Cahill very carefully considered her options. “UMass was originally tied with Penn State, but I felt more at home on UMass’ campus and just felt it was a better pick for me academically and socially. URI and UConn were also close in my choices.”

Ms. Cahill’s friends believe she will be a force to be reckoned with at UMass Amherst. “Isabella knows exactly what she wants and when she puts her mind to it, she is completely unstoppable,” Mr. Morris said. “Her motivation for things that hold importance in her life is virtually incomparable to any high school student I’ve known. I know that motivation will be put to great use in the future.”

As she heads toward the finish line of high school, Ms. Cahill looks back with satisfaction on her time in Huntington UFSD. “It went very well,” she said. “It has definitely allowed me to grow as a person and I would not take any of my experiences for granted as I feel super prepared for the future.”

Isabella Cahill in The Desk Set. (Darin Reed photo.)
Isabella Cahill in The Desk Set. (Darin Reed photo.)
Isabella Cahill feels right at home on the UMass Amherst campus.
Isabella Cahill feels right at home on the UMass Amherst campus.
Mia Nitekman (left) and Isabella Cahill goof around in the chorus room at Huntington High School.
Mia Nitekman (left) and Isabella Cahill goof around in the chorus room at Huntington High School.
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