Huntington junior Isabel Canales

Junior Isabel Canales Thrives at Huntington High School

Huntington junior Isabel Canales

March 14, 2019

Isabel Canales is a very well-liked Huntington High School junior who easily wins over everyone with her gentle personality and friendly smile.

An easygoing teenager, Ms. Canales has been dabbling in a little bit of this and little bit of that during high school. She is discerning her likes and dislikes and making the most of every day, both in and out of school.

“I was in stage crew during my freshman year and ran spring track in my sophomore year,” she said. “This year I took a break from clubs to work and volunteer. I work at King Kullen, where I’ve met a lot of wonderful people that I’m now very close with. I also perform community service at my church and I babysit, because I enjoy being around kids a lot. I love their energy.”

Ms. Canales attended kindergarten at Southdown Primary School, where she participated in the district’s dual language program for all four years before moving on to fifth grade. “Being in the dual language program has helped me maintain my Latin roots,” she said.

The junior’s academic schedule includes classes in Advanced Placement Spanish, Physics, English, Social Studies and Pre-Calculus.

“It’s difficult to pick a favorite teacher because I appreciate them all and everything they do,” Ms. Canales said.

The teenager is popular around the high school. “My closest friend for sure is David Rivas, who’s always there for me, but it’s hard to list every single close friend because there are so many amazing people that I love to talk to everyday,” Ms. Canales said. “My peers are very funny and always put a smile on my face. I love all of them.”

Since beginning kindergarten at Southdown, the junior has learned so much. “If I could give incoming freshmen advice, it would be to just be who you are and enjoy high school because it flashes before your eyes,” Ms. Canales said. “Remember who your true friends are and just always try your best.”

Although she has plenty of time in high school remaining, Ms. Canales is already reflecting on her future plans. “I definitely want to attend college on the East Coast because it’s very beautiful here with amazing opportunities,” she said. “As for a career choice, I haven’t yet decided what I want to do yet, with so many options on the table.”

Ms. Canales is a go-getter with a very big heart. She has endeared herself to many at the high school and is quietly doing many good deeds in the community.

“All things considered, my experience at Huntington has truly been amazing,” Ms. Canales said. “I’ve met wonderful people that have changed me for the better and have helped me grow. My peers are incredible and funny people that make every day more enjoyable. Huntington High

School is definitely a wonderful place to go everyday with all the amazing students and faculty.”