Huntington High School's World Language Honor Societies inducted dozens of new members last week.

World Language Honor Societies Induct New Members

Huntington High School's World Language Honor Societies inducted dozens of new members last week.

May 30, 2019

Huntington High School’s world language honor societies are proud organizations committed to recognizing student excellence and engaging in community service activities.

The French, Italian, Latin and Spanish honor societies held their annual induction ceremonies late last week, welcoming dozens of new members who are mastering a second or even a third language.

The evening attracted a crowd of parents and school officials and featured many time-honored rituals, including the tapping of new members followed by the lighting of battery operated candles by inductees.

Society faculty advisors Deidre Mayer (French), Natalia Kopshti (Italian), Kristin Fortunato (Latin) and Nadine Araoz (Spanish) and Maria Gonzalez (Spanish) looked on with pride as the teenagers recited their respective society’s pledge before the faculty members presented certificates to the newly inducted scholars.

The French Honor Society welcomed Katie Bonilla, Mia Brown, Moira Contino, Rebecca Hoffmann, Grace Kenny, Sasha Koulakova, Carolina Moreira-Ibarra and Gemma Pellegrini into its ranks.

The Italian Honor Society brought Brenden Abedin, Isabella Algieri, Alexander Bellissimo, Isabella DiBenedetto, Nina Drakulich, Alex Fascilla, Angelica Hernandez Reyes, Lily O’Heir, Jorge Parada Cisneros, Gianna Prosseda and Ludis Romero into its fold.

The Latin Honor Society opened its arms to Chloe Buffone, Kyle Colleluori, Andrew Florvil, Aidan Heller, John Krisch, Andrew McKenzie, Richard Rongo and Ella Siepel.

The new Spanish Honor Society members include Ryan Aguirre, Jeslyn Alfaro-Andrade, Alexa Amorison, Danielle Brite, Yolani Cabrera, Johanna Campos-Moreira, Patricia Campos-Serpas, Taylor Case, Kevin Chavez-Gomez, Andrea Delcid Ayala, Jennifer Escobar, Erik Flores Reyes, Erlyn Flores Reyes, Emerson Flores Villalta, Jordan Forte, Jailyn Fuentes, Kiara Gelbman, Emily Geller, Ashley Genao, Alex Gonzalez, Zach Gordon, Britney Guardado-Valle, Kemberlin Hernandez-Veliz, Angelica Hernandez-Reyes, Brianna Isaza, Jaden Italiano, Lucas Kelly, Jessica Lemus, Samuel Levine, Aileen Lopez, Ainsley Lumpe, Mackenzie Madison, Charlotte Maggio, Christopher Maichin, Gabriel Morales-Flores, Chelsea Munoz, Eliana Ng, Jeffrey Ochoa-Alvarez, Olivia Perez, Tallulah Pitti, Leyda Ponce Guzman, Allison Quinn, Alexa Rind, Rosa Rivera, Emily Roberts, Julie Rogel, Valerie Rogel, Kate Sheran, Tess Stanley, Julia Steinberg, Adamaris Ventura Sanchez and Erin Ye.

The evening included a delightful musical performance by Erika Varady, Haley Mortell, Diya Rai Gersappe and Ella Siepel. Ariana Strieb served as master of ceremonies. Francesca Greco gave a short address. Erika Varady offered closing remarks.

Following the ceremony participants and their parents enjoyed refreshments in the auditorium lobby as they socialized and posed for photos during a reception that capped off a night recognizing exceptional academic achievement.

* * *

Teachers presented a series of awards to several graduating seniors. Italian Honor Society academic scholarships were given to Francesca Greco and Morgan Minicozzi.

The Spanish Academic Award was captured by Edgar Rivas Lizama and Andy Ulloa. The Spanish Honor Society scholarship went to Danny Arias.

French Honor Society academic scholarship awards were presented to Finn Malone, Isabella Malone and Erika Varady.

The Latin Academic Scholarship Award went to Kaitlyn Sage.