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Trustees Approve New Elementary Library Program

June 24, 2019

All six elementary school buildings in Huntington UFSD will be staffed by a full-time library during the 2019/20 school year. The voter approved district budget provided the funds needed to establish the positions.

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The libraries in the seven Huntington school buildings are thriving centers of activity filled with students each day. Each facility is staffed by a New York State certified school librarian. The district's collection includes more than 120,000 volumes on every conceivable topic. Huntington's curriculum reflects state library and curriculum learning standards. The libraries are also fully equipped with computers, educational software and internet access.

On the primary and intermediate grade levels, kindergarten and first grade students attend one regularly scheduled library class every two weeks while students in grades two through six have library weekly However, students can often be found in their school library on most other days, selecting or returning books or seeking the counsel of faculty and support staff.

At J. Taylor Finley Middle School and Huntington High School, library classes are arranged through individual subject matter teachers and the librarian and the facilities are open throughout the day. The high school library is also open each afternoon Monday through Thursday from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. for students to engage in research and complete projects and homework assignments. Faculty members staff the library during this time and are available to provide assistance to students. Each of the seven building libraries maintains membership in the Suffolk County School Library System.

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Last Name First Position Email
Marciano Jeffrey High School
Rooney Alison Finley
Brittman Jenna Woodhull/ JA STEM
Fitzsimmons Meghan JA STEM
Caras Jeanine Flower Hill/ Washington
Tietjen Cindy Jefferson/ Southdown
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