Retired Principal’s Birthday Celebrated at Luncheon

Olga Smith celebrated her 92nd birthday in style, with a group of current and former teachers at a luncheon at Black & Blue Seafood Chophouse in Huntington. The retired Washington Elementary School principal was delighted by the party.

A group of 13 former colleagues and longtime friends who all worked together at one time or another gathered at Black & Blue on Monday, January 18. The group typically gathers once a month, but the most recent get together was a very special affair.

“Each of us had the pleasure of knowing and teaching under Olga Smith,” said Maryann Daly. “This was a special occasion since the group surprised Olga by celebrating her 92nd birthday. We all had a wonderful time reminiscing about our days together at Washington Elementary, which then housed kindergarten through sixth grade students.”

Joining Ms. Smith and Mrs. Daly were Alexandra Lombardo, who organizes and schedules the monthly luncheons, Rosalie Schwartz, Corbina Ligotti, Leslie Pond, Linda Cirillo, Georganne White, Laraine Schirripa, Arlene Morante, Sue Turner, Diane Regan, Pat Nielsen and Marilyn Hopkins, a former Washington School PTA president.

“Olga, to say the very least, is one unique lady, Mrs. Daly said. “She regularly shares many funny stories and experiences with us each month. Olga has always commanded the attention of her audiences and still does.”

Ms. Smith’s life experience includes serving in the United States Navy first class specialist during World War II. She preceded John J. Finello as Washington School’s principal.

“All remembered their time with her as principal, when she knew every family in her building and the needs of each of her many children,” Mrs. Daly said. “No matter what, Olga always had the backs of her staff and served the district well during her long tenure as an educator and administrator.”

Ms. Smith has volunteered at the US Veterans Administration Hospital in Northport for more than two decades, which comes as no surprise to those who know her best.

“She has always been one to help others and continues to do so, especially aiding her fellow veterans,” Mrs. Daly said. “We all look forward to our time together each month and to Olga’s stories and comments, which entertain everyone.”

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